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First-Generation Student Recruitment & Enrollment

Solutions for First-Gen Outreach & Admissions

Tailored Engagement to Increase First-Gen Enrollment

Effectively engaging first-gen students during their admissions and enrollment journey is key to their success.

Includifi’s solutions are designed specifically to engage first-gen students and their families, powering early engagement, tailored support, and inclusive enrollment.

Includifi’s Pre-Enrollment Engagement Solutions:

Proactive Outreach and Communication

Provide prospective first-gen students with access to a dedicated hub of curated resources, leveraging the institution’s commitment to first-gen success to foster an early sense of belonging, inform decision-making, and increase enrollment.

Pre-Enrollment Community and Support

Foster a sense of community early on. Includifi connects prospective first-gen students to exclusive resources and advice from peers and staff with shared experiences, motivating continued progress through the admissions and enrollment journey.

Family Engagement

Recognize the vital role families play in first-gen students' educational journeys. Includifi engages families with targeted resources and communication, ensuring access to needed information to help their students successfully transition into college.

Why Engage First-Gen Students Pre-Enrollment with Includifi?

Strategic Early Engagement: Reach first-gen students early in their decision-making journey and demonstrate a commitment to their success.

Building Confidence and Trust: Ensure first-gen students and their families feel valued and supported from the beginning.

Simplifying the Transition: Make the admissions process approachable, increasing enrollment and long-term success for first-gen students.