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Empower First-Generation Retention & Success

Power a First-Gen Friendly Campus with Includifi

Custom Solutions for First-Generation Student Success

For first-gen students, navigating university presents unique challenges that affect their sense of belonging, retention, and success.

Includifi's comprehensive solutions are designed to address these challenges head-on and enhance first-gen student engagement.

Here’s how Includifi supports first-gen student success:

Enable Targeted Engagement

Empower first-gen students with a dedicated one-stop digital hub to navigate campus life. Includifi personalizes engagement, proactively connecting first-gen students to essential services and high-impact opportunities.

Build a Tailored Community

Cultivate a strong, interconnected first-gen community. Includifi promotes first-gen student belonging and achievement by facilitating access to a dynamic hub for accessing advice and resources from first-gen peers, staff, and alumni.

Manage First-Generation Student Success

Access a robust suite of tools to easily deliver targeted programming to first-gen students. From mentor management to a robust library of advising courses, Includifi equips educators with a scalable and easy to use solution for building a custom first-gen success hub.

Why Choose Includifi for First-Generation Student Success?

Focused First-Gen Support: Includifi’s solutions are specifically crafted to support first-gen students retention and achievement.

Enhanced Engagement: Our tools are designed to deepen the engagement of first-gen students, connecting them with tailored services and communities.

Proven Strategies: Includifi employs evidence based strategies that improve enrollment, retention, and persistence among first-gen students.